About The Tracking Company (Group) Ltd

The Tracking Company is a leading supplier of Vehicle Tracking Systems, with extensive knowledge of Vehicle Telematics, Auto Electronics and Mobile Data. The Tracking Company has expanded its Vehicle Tracking operations in accordance to client and market conditions, enabling our client organisations to improve productivity and reduce fleet running costs. We welcome the opportunity to talk to customers about their requirements or about general matters concerning vehicle tracking. We recognise that it can sometimes be an important step in the development of a growing company, and achieving successful implementation of our technology is of vital importance. You will find that our sales approach is refreshing: we will not pester you on the phone and yet we will allow you plenty of time to try our system before committing to it. We feel confident to let our product do the selling! BENEFITS INCLUDE:Fuel Savings up to 25% per annum-The latest monitoring and Tracking Technologies allows for control over driver activity and action. Increased Productivity- instant staff and vehicle visibility for greater efficiency. Improved Customer Service Experience-with accurate and rapid data for faster response times. Hightened Security- knowing where your assets are at any time and with full tracking options to aid speedy recovery.

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